B-style & Flex-i-Trans since 1962 B-style & Flex-i-Trans since 1962


History & B-style

Innovative family business
B-style & Flex-i-Trans has reached its current position as a market leader through innovation, research and dedication. The company's history stretches back to 1962 when Mr Ad Smulders began prepping cars for racing and rally events. This taught him a lot about rear axle constructions and hydraulic kneeling systems. By 1973 this work had given Ad the idea of developing a low floor wheelchair van based on a Talbot, which he did with approval from Talbot. By working with the Dutch GMD/GAK (now the Institute for Employee Benefits Schemes (UWV)), this car became a huge success for people with a physical disability.

This was the company's first foray into the passenger transport market. In 2009, Ad Smulders' son Bart Smulders took over B-style & Flex-i-Trans, and to this day B-style & Flex-i-Trans continues to extend its product range through innovation and research.

Distinctive entrepreneurship
B-style & Flex-i-Trans has developed many new products in the field of passenger transport. Not only for wheelchair transport but also in the connection with passenger buses and low floor buses. The latest innovative development is the low floor bus with electric drive and hydrogen range extender.
In order to be able to carry out all the necessary testing and improvement cycles, the company has even invested in a custom-built tensile-strength tester. Over the years, the quality of our vehicle conversions has become widely known, even by customers abroad. Today we sell our products in 18 countries!

The strength of B-style & Flex-i-Trans lies in an approach that involves working with the customer to develop their ideas: we think not in terms of standard solutions but rather customization. We also work with the greatest possible care and are accordingly certified for compliance with ISO 9001. We serve as a second phase manufacturer for various car manufacturers, which means we can make major changes to the vehicles without any reduction of warranty coverage. Renault, for example, has granted us the ‘Agrément Carrossier’ certificate, and Mercedes-Benz has conferred us Qualified Partner, Van Partner and Multi-Stage Partner status. Additionally, we have been recognized as an official vehicle manufacturer by the Dutch Road Transport Directorate (RDW) since 2010. Clearly, then, we have earned the right to call ourselves a specialist in the field of vehicle modifications.

B-style & Flex-i-Trans
Under the name B-style, we sell all our products in kit form to independent conversion companies in the Netherlands and abroad. Under the name Flex-i-Trans we sell complete vehicles we have converted in-house.

B-style & Flex-i-Trans is ready for its next 50 years of business and hopes to welcome you as a customer!