Lowered entry Lowered entry

Minibus Parts

  • Front low floor entry

Using the front door as an entry on (small) minibuses is becoming more and more popular due to weight and space issues.
With our special entry, you can easily transform the entry within +/- 2 hours. There is no need to paint the entry as they come in MB or VW white and anti-corrosion treatment is uncomplicated as it is not made of metal.
The lowered entry is compatible with MB Sprinter and VW Crafter.

  • Vito 2/2/3 tracks

B-style developed a kit with floor adapters to arrange a seat layout of 2/2/3 on the new
MB Class-V and Vito series. This solution is not available OEM, but in the taxi market it is a very common and desirable layout. With our kit you can easily convert the Class-V or Vito to this layout, which is of course tested according European regulations.